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Judit and Robert teamed up to bring their experience together to serve those seeking advice. This comprehensive program will guide you through how to change lifestyle, manage your weight, and develop healthy eating habits. It includes exercises, nutritious food choices, and stress management to achieve your desired goal. Both group courses and private consultations are available.


Our mission is to be a source of science-based nutrition and fitness education for any ages.

We strongly believe that balance in every aspect of life leads to health.


Eat – when, what, how much
We are not helping you go on diet – We want to teach you how to enjoy eating the right way that serve you and keep your body in balance.

Our Nutrition Program choices
  • Group Consultation
  • Private Consultation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Recipe sharing
  • Cooking
Topics to discuss with your nutrition professional
  • Why do chronic diseases increase in an alarming rate?
  • What is the hidden danger in processed food?
  • How do habits run our lives?
  • How to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle?
  • Why should you consider lifestyle changes?
  • Why educating children on nutrition is important?

Judit Gaspar is a nutrition professional whose mission is to be a source of science-based nutrition education that inspires her clients to achieve healthy body, mind, and spirit.
Judit holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Nutrition from University of New England.
Why did she choose to study nutrition?
Proper diet was a major part of her life, but it became crucial after learning that her younger child had severe food and environmental allergies, and asthma. Asking 'why' led her to learning about diet-related illnesses and health conditions. After changing her family's diet to homemade food, her son's food allergies did not improve; however, his environmental allergies were almost non-existent and after 4 years he was declared asthma-free by his pediatrician.
She believes in healthy lifestyle and is committed to inspire people to eat right.
Judit was also a competitive ballroom dancer for over 20 years. She holds numerous national and international championship titles. She is currently coaching youth and adult competitive dancers. Being an athlete, a coach as well as a nutrition professional she understands the body's complex need during exercise.


Exercise – do it, track progress, repeat it, and take responsibility Our exercise program is tied with proper nutrition and designed to your need.

We are not a gym! But rather a health and wellness center promoting lifestyle change through exercises that can be done in your home with or without equipment.

We teach you about

  • energy need and how to balance your daily food choices to achieve your sustainable goals
  • How to strengthen your core and why is it important?
  • Improve quality of your life
  • Prevent injury

The 21st Century Convenient Environment is a Hazard Zone

  • Driving instead of walking or biking
  • Taking the elevator instead of stairs
  • Purchasing processed ready-made convenient food or eating out in restaurants instead of cooking or growing your own produce
  • Sedentary lifestyle – most of our jobs require extensive amount of sitting daily.

What is holding you back from a healthy lifestyle? - You would say ‘time’, right? We would say ‘your habits’. You can change; however, it is not easy.

  • Is it time to change your habits?
  • How likely am I to develop chronic diseases if I continue my sedentary lifestyle?
  • How likely am I to become a healthy person if I change habits?
  • How long would it take to adopt to new habits? Is it worth it?
  • No quick fix … One step at a time

What better choices can you make step by step?
  • Walk to nearby places
  • Set time aside on your schedule for fun activities such as walking, boiling, dancing, hiking, cycling, swimming, etc.
  • Be involved with communities that promote active lifestyle
  • Garden and yardwork
  • Cook and do housework
  • It all adds up ….

Robert Belanger has been a fitness enthusiast for over 30 years.

Robert was born and raised in Chelsea Massachusetts. He attended Bunker Hill Community College and Curry College where he earned a degree in law enforcement.
He holds fitness certifications from American College of Sports Medicine, as well as International Sports Science Association (ISSA).
During his 30-year career as a law enforcement officer he was designated as the wellness coordinator for the department assisting several members in various fitness programs such as weight loss, strength building, and overall fitness.
He believes that exercise and proper nutrition along with a healthy lifestyle decreases stress and promotes longevity.

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